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Italian Festivals Are Amazing



Italian-Americans have become a mainstream part of American society and culture. Let me say more, they are a vital part of it. There are millions of citizens with Italian ancestry living in the United States, they are our neighbors, friends, relatives, and even ourselves. It is hard to imagine an average American restaurant menu without a pizza or a theater without a Martin Scorsese movie. They are an everyday demonstration of how much is the American life influenced by Italy. Italian influence is practically everywhere from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to Sinatra’s songs at the Italian festivals trough our country.

Italy is a country of food, passion, and well-being. Italians love to come together and celebrate, so in any season of the year, there is always plenty of a friendly atmosphere in Italy. Many festivals around the country are based on historical events and represents an interesting way to get a hint of the local history, folklore, and food traditions.

The most famous and important festivals in Italy are The Carnevale of Venice. Each February the floating city of Venice is transformed into a masquerade ball. The Battle of Oranges in Ivrea. During this festival, they divide citizens into squats, grups run through the town and throw oranges at each other. On Easter Sundays Firenze witnesses The Explosion of the Cart. They display this traditional firework outside the Il Duomo cathedral. Late springs are magical, towns and cities across Italy are decorated with flowers and petals for the Infiorita festival. Italy most famous horse race happens each August in Siena. Their Palio is one of the most famous festivals in Europe. Eight days long festival occurs in Neaples. Festival of San Gennaro is a tradition. Thousands gather around Neaple Cathedral, hoping that the saint blesses the city. There can not be other, then a merry December in Italy. Especially in Milan, where artisans, toy makers, and sweet sellers gather together in the O Bej, O Bej festival.

Early Italian immigrants, to promote their culture, folklore, and family unit, brought their festival tradition in the United States. American festivals and events bring out the best in the Italian-American communities and around the country. Let us find out the most popular festivals and events in the United States.

Feasts of San Gennaro are well known in many American cities. The Fest of San Gennaro in Little Italy (NYC) runs in September. The fest celebrates the life of San Gennaro of Neaples, and takes place on Mulberry Street. Everyone is welcome and can join the famous cannoli eating competition or try some of the best Italian restaurant’s food. Visitors can enjoy free music events, a colorful parade, and family-friendly activities. Los Angeles’s Feast of San Gennaro takes place in Hollywood (CA). It is not as long as Little Italy’s one and hasn’t got the cannoli eating competition, but it allows all visitors to enjoy Italian music, performing standards as Volare, O sole mio and That’s more.

Feast of San Anthony is an annual event in South Jersey (NJ) that can bring visitors into an original Italian festive town. It certainly celebrates the Italian heritage. Everyone can enjoy events and activities for alleges. There are two competitions included, a food and wine competition and a cannoli eating contest. South Jersey festival brings different Italian artist to celebrate the Italian folklore and culture. From New Jersey to New Heaven Green (CT). In this Italian-American community every August takes place The Procession of Angels. The Procession of Angels takes place on Sundays, with a choir performance, all sorts of children’s fun activities area, singers, dancers, and food events.

Seatle Italian festival is an annual festival, one of the largest in Seatle(WA). Italian festival celebrates the joy of all Italian things. It is also the largest Italian-American event in the Northwest. It features food and cooking demonstrations, dance events, music concerts, art performances, and other fun activities for families. It is a part of the largest event called The Festa Italiana. The Festa Italiana takes place every year from late September through early October and promotes Italian heritage. The Italian Feast and Carnival is an annual event that takes place at the Venice Florida Airport Festival grounds. It is a four-day event that brings thousands of visitors, but still doesn’t feel crowded. Celebrating the Italian culture and Venice’s connection with Italy. It connects hundreds of Italians who have made Venice (FL) their home. The main event includes food tents, carnival rides, Italian music, and comedy. San Rocco has been honored in Denver (CO) with a procession and a three-day festival. Italian-American residents in North Denver carry a statue of Saint Rocco to the Mount Carmel to be blessed by a priest. Prominent members of the community carry the statue around the neighborhood, in remembrance of someone who has died. Then the festa begins, everyone is welcomed to honor the Italian folklore and culture in mid-August. In Chicago (IL) and Sacramento (CA), the celebration of Italian culture is a festival of all Italian things. Their festivals gather Italian-Americans to enjoy various Italian pastimes and entertainment, like bocce ball games, Italian motorsports expos, and folk dance performances. In addition, they bring colorful Italian culture to all the citizens of the two most known multicultural towns.

Italian festivals are some great places to enjoy sights, sounds, fun, and fell home in the United States. Many of these all year round festivals focus on the folklore, cuisine, and art. In addition, they are an honorable way to pay tribute to their ethnic culture, their country, to the States and Americans too.

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