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FTC Disclosure

FTC Disclosure

Our Compensation Disclosure

When it comes to buying any items from internet websites, it is generally recommended
that you always conduct your own investigations into any and all claims made regarding
a product or it’s benefits. This would include buying products or services from this
website or from the websites we may recommend in the future.

Good Faith Recommendations

Owners and administrators of this website may from time to time make recommendations
of products and services. Although research may have been done to verify claims and
look into the product’s customer satisfaction history, it is highly recommended that you
do your own research before making a purchase or exchanging private data with a third
party. All recommendations are made in good faith and are not guaranteed by the owners
or administrators of this website in any fashion.

Material Connection

Unless otherwise stated, you should assume that any products, services or websites
mentioned by us or by any other online resource have some material connection to the
seller. Compensation may be exchanged for referrals and sales made through referrals.
Although, please note that this is not always the case.


Testimonials, customer comments and customer experiences may be displayed or shared
in connection with a product or service on this website or the websites of any
recommended products. Be advised that sometimes users of products experience2
tremendous results by using a product or service that may be shared with potential
customers. It should be assumed that these results may not be the average result
experienced by most customers or users of the product.
If a claim seems too good to be true, then it is recommended that you do your due
diligence and research those claims before basing your decision to buy said product or
service based on and customer testimonial or case study presented.
If you feel that any testimonial or case study presented on this website, contains untrue or
misleading statements, please contact us immediately so that we may address your
concerns. Please note that we are not responsible for the posting of content on other
websites than our own.

Potential Bias

Opinions expressed by the owners’ of this website may be partially formed because the
owner may have a material connection and may receive some form of compensation for
the product or services referenced. However, there may be instances where the owner
does not have a material connection and no compensation will be received from
recommending a product or service.

You should assume that the owners have some material connection to the products and
services referenced on this website or any other 3rd party website on the internet.


Compensation may vary from receiving payments to complimentary products and
services. It should be assumed that the owner of this website will receive compensation
from the referenced product or service owner after you click any affiliate link displayed.
This also applies to email sent from the owner of this website.3
Questions and Customer Satisfaction
Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and support. Please do not hesitate to
contact us if you have questions or need help in relation to using our products and
services. We pride ourselves on the integrity we display in our marketplace when dealing
with and helping our customers.

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