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In 1962, an Italian magazine carried a story on how the world will look in 2022. Is it Real???



So we have done some research into the very popular article that is spreading virally about the Italian Magazine Domenica del Corriere. So there is actually some truth to this. Although we could not find exact dates mentioned in the article it does have this image and shows what our futures would look like in an encapsulated type of segway. Similar to that of the pope mobile but smaller.

These were being imagined not because of the Coronaviruys but instead for the future based on traffic and room needed to move around in the cities. When you look at it, since this was written back in 1962, they were very good with imagining the future. It is like the Italian version of the Jetsons but more realistic.

If you were wondering the name of the car is the Singoletta. It was designed to have that bubble dome and standing same as a segaway but many years before its time.

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