2 boneless chicken breasts, sliced thin

1 cup flour, season with salt and pepper

3 eggs, beaten and combined with water, salt, and

1 cup bread crumbs, seasoned with salt and pepper

3/4 cup Olive oil

Tomato sauce

100 grams Fresh Mozzarella cheese

100 grams Scamorza cheese

1/2 cup Parmesean cheese, grated

Good bread rolls



1 Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2 First, prepare the flour, egg, and bread crumb combinations in separate bowls.

3 Take thinly sliced chicken breasts and coat them in flour, being sure to knock off any excess.

4 Next, dip the chicken in the egg to cover it and finally roll it in the bread crumbs so the entire piece is coated in the batter. Do this for all chicken pieces.

5 Next, heat the olive oil over high heat.

6 Add the chicken pieces and cook in oil for about 2 minutes of each side, or until the chicken in cooked through and the outside is golden.

7 Spread good tomato sauce inside the sandwich rolls and cover with thin slices of mozzarella cheese.

8 Generously arranged chicken pieces on top of the cheese.

9 Cover the chicken with more tomato sauce and thin slices of scamorza chesse.

10 Sprinkle entire sandwich with grated parmesean cheese and chopped parsley.

11 Pop the sandwiches in the oven for a few minutes until cheese is melted and bread is toasted. – The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit